Jardin Le Brea - Ecologie

The hotel's actions

Jardin Le Brea - Ecologie

Your eco-friendly gestures


The Hôtel Jardin Le Bréa is going green !

Climate change is a reality, and it is necessary that tourism industry also do its part to protect the planet.

Traveling sustainably is a challenge, and we can all reduce our footprint with a few simple gestures.

We have implemented several actions, and we do not intend to stop there... With your help ?

The ecological actions of Hôtel Jardin Le Bréa

We have implemented several actions to reduce the carbon footprint of our hotel.
And because all initiatives count, we are happy to share them with you :

Jardin Le Brea - Ecologie

Our Hotel

  • All our lamps are equipped with low consumption bulbs.
  • Presence detectors limit energy waste in our corridors, the lights turn on as you pass.
  • We limit the use of plastic bottles as much as possible, and we offer the majority of drinks in glass bottles.
  • A water fountain is a your disposal in the breakfast room on level -1 to fill your water bottles.
  • We have selected organic and/or locally produced fresh drinks for you, as well as organic wines.
  • We offer you savory and sweet snacks produced locally (Yvelines 78).
  • We only offer organic coffee (beans or pods) and organic teas and herbal teas.
  • We carry out selective sorting of waste (plastic/paper, glass and residual), and we bring batteries, light bulbs, printer toners, etc. to specific collection points.
  • We reuse as much of our printing papers as possible at reception, and we offer you the choice of not printing your invoices and credit card receipts.
  • We donate equipments that we no longer use, as well as unclaimed lost and found to the Emmaüs association.

Our Rooms

  • All our rooms are equipped with a card switch that cuts off the electricity when you leave your room.
  • All taps are equipped with flow regulators, and all toilets have double flushes.
  • Towels are changed on request to reduce consumption of water and detergent products.
  • We change the bedsheets every 3 days (and when necessary of course!). If you do not want your bedsheets changed to save water and energy, simply inform our front desk.
  • We provide you with refillable and Ecolabel Europe and Vegan certified toiletry products, designed to minimize the impact on the environment and aquatic ecosystems.
  • We mainly use Ecolabel Europe certified or natural cleaning products.
  • Sorting bins with 3 compartments (paper/plastic/aluminum - glass - residual waste) are available in each room.
  • We do not have minibars in the rooms, but a friendly bar awaits you in the lobby.
Jardin Le Brea - Ecologie

Our Buffet Breakfast

We offer you on our buffet a maximum of fresh products, produced locally and from Organic Farming:
(The list here presents local and/or organic farming products only, among all the products on our buffet.
Our goal is of course to grow this list as quickly as possible)

Organic Green Tea, Pagès, Max Havelaar certified
Organic Earl Grey Tea, Pagès, Max Havelaar certified
Organic Darjeeling Tea, Pagès, Max Havelaar certified
Organic Ceylon Breakfast Tea, Pagès, Max Havelaar certified
Organic Supreme Green Tea and Matcha, Pukka
Organic Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey Herbal Tea, Pukka
Organic Elderberry and Echinacea Herbal Tea, Pukka
Organic Peaceful Night Herbal Tea, Pukka

Natural Yogurt, Grignon (78 Yvelines)
Vanilla Yogurt, Grignon (78 Yvelines)
Apricot Yogurt, Grignon (78 Yvelines)
Strawberry Yogurt, Grignon (78 Yvelines)

Organic Brie, Ferme de la Tremblaye (78 Yvelines)
Organic Camembert, Ferme de la Tremblaye (78 Yvelines)
Organic P’ti Cabri (goat cheese), Ferme de la Tremblaye (78 Yvelines)

Organic Soy Milk, Soy (31 Haute-Garonne)

Organic Blond Cane Sugar, Saint Louis

Organic Strawberry Jam, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)
Organic Orange Jam, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)
Organic Apricot Jam, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)
Old-fashioned Morello Cherry Jam, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)
Old-fashioned Blueberry Jam, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)

Organic Acacia Honey, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)

Old-fashioned Reinette Apple Compote, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)
Old-fashioned Pear from Provence Compote, Andrésy Confitures (78 Yvelines)

Organic Crunchy Fruit Cereals, Country Farm (29 Finistère)
Organic Crunchy Chocolate Cereals, Country Farm (29 Finistère)

Organic Apple Juice, Patrick Font (42 Loire)
Organic Fresh Fruits (from France only)
Organic Prunes and Dried Apricots

Simply eco-gestures during your stay

You too can help reduce the carbon footprint of your stay.
Here are some simple actions, don't hesitate to share your ideas for additional actions with us:

Jardin Le Brea - Ecologie


Energy is not an unlimited resource.

The electricity turns off as soon as you leave your room, by removing the room key from the box.
When you are in your room, also remember to unplug your chargers from the electrical outlets when they are no longer in use, as well as to close the windows when (reasonably) using the air conditioning or heating.


Water is a precious resource. Consume it in moderation!

Decide for yourself: if you leave your towels in the bathtub or on the floor, we need to change them. If you hang them up, we know you will use them again. Also, if you do not want your bedsheets changed to save water and energy, simply inform our front desk.

Turn off the water in the shower when soaping, or the water in the sink when brushing your teeth, and prefer the shower to the bath, you will save many liters of water.

Food waste

We would like to limit food waste, can we count on you?

Good practice at breakfast: I fill my plate, making sure I can finish it. If necessary, I will go and get more. When I leave my plate is empty.

Selective sorting

In order to better sort and recycle our waste, sorting bins are at your disposal: the yellow part for paper, cardboard, plastics and aluminum, the blue part for glass, the black part for non-recycle waste.


Choose public transport, walking or rented bikes for your travels. Maps of Paris and the metro are available at our front desk, don't hesitate to ask us for advice!


Prefer local shopping, and organic and seasonal products. You can also refuse unnecessary packaging or bags, and use your own reusable bag.